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The Advocado Press and
the Center for Accessible Living

are pleased to announce the publication of

A Celebration of Family: Stories of Parents with Disabilities

Edited by Dave Matheis

With an Introduction by Jason Jones

Dedicated to the memory of Chastity Ross

celebration of family book cover

About the Book


“A Celebration of Family: Stories of Parents with Disabilities” contains the stories
of thirty families.  In every family, one or both parents have disabilities: physical, mental, sensory, and/or intellectual. The stories illustrate the infinite variety of the American family.  It is that variety that gives the family both its strength and its beauty. Like individuals, no two families are the same. 

In the course of discussing their family experiences, the parents cover a number of topics.  Most stories concern having children through birth, but there are also stories about fostering and adopting.  Four stories concern single parenthood.  Many parents talk about adaptations and accommodations they made to be effective parents, but even more talk about how wonderfully adaptive their children were to their disabilities. Many parents talk about individual discrimination and societal bias they have faced.  A number of stories highlight the decision-making process to have children when the possibility exists of passing on an inheritable condition.  Parents are included that had children before they acquired a disability and they relate how that acquired disability affected their family. Several parents discuss legal and policy issues around parenting with a disability. The stories contain humor, compassion, and gratitude.  They are proof that one thing you can get any parent to talk about is their children.


As one parent in the book puts it, “if you suck as a person, you are going to suck as a parent, whether you have a disability or not. If you are compassionate and caring and nurturing as a person, you will be like that as a parent, too.”

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