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The Center for Accessible Living is the leading resource in Kentucky and Southern Indiana for employers seeking to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace as well as companies seeking to reach customers with disabilities in the marketplace.

Presentations educate the community concerning disability-related issues. Staff provides ADA compliance consultation, conducts accessibility surveys in public buildings, or architectural modifications. Non-profit and government rates are available.

The Center for Accessible Living has played a major role in helping businesses create successful work conditions for employees and accessible services for customers.

Staff Expertise

The Center for Accessible Living staff has over 30 years of combined expertise in assisting corporations with issues relating to the employment of people with disabilities. Some of our areas of expertise include ADA Compliance, building and product accessibility, reasonable accommodation, job analysis, recruitment, career development and much more. Our Employment Specialists can assist you with inquiries into any disability-related employment issue.

 The Business Case

Why Hire People with Disabilities?

Your company shouldn’t hire people with disabilities because it’s the right thing to do, although it is. Your company should hire people with disabilities for the same reason you do anything else, it’s simply good business.

“There is a war for talent and anyone who intends to win it better realize two things: First, that it is a global war; and second, that if you restrict your search for talent in any way… you will be giving your competitors the edge they need to put you out of business.”
– William G. Parrett, President, Deloitte & Touche

Stay up to date with Disability Employment News

You can subscribe to our free Workforce Solutions e-blasts, to keep up to date about issues and current events in the disability and employment world.

Promote Disability Inclusion in your workforce

Promote “Person First” Language and the Independent Living philosophy with this line of disability etiquette posters. $10 each or all ten for $75. All proceeds over cost will go to provide additional services at the Center for Accessible Living to help individuals with disability live more independently in the community.

"See the Person First" Poster "Focus on Ability" Poster "This is what an invisible disability looks like" Poster


We also have “Person First” Language “Do Say” and “Don’t Say” magnets available.

The Business Advisory Council

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a council of business representatives who volunteer their time in partnership with the Center for Accessible Living to affect diversity in our community’s workforce. It was established as a unique opportunity for networking and educational training for employers and business leaders who share an interest in promoting employment opportunities for persons with disabilities. Best of all, membership is free!

Some of the Business Advisory Council activities include:

Quarterly Breakfast Meetings — Enjoy networking and training, discuss business, and assist job seekers with a disability in their job search efforts.

Trainings on Disability Issues — Trainings and seminars with opportunity to learn from experts in the field, most topics are pre-approved for HRCI credit.  Workshops include disability related issues such as accommodation assistance, ADA technical assistance, EEOC updates, disability etiquette and customer service for people with disabilities.

Publicity for Your Organization — Receive publicity through our website, news releases, etc. Post job openings in the Center for Accessible Living’s offices to more effectively target qualified candidates with disabilities.

Consumer Assistance Workshops — Not only will you have direct access to qualified candidates for employment, but regular events include the ability to give your expertise to job seekers. Assist consumers with resume development, mock interviews, or speak about a favorite employment related topic at our annual employment day or monthly job readiness classes.

Annual Dawn at the Downs — An opportunity to enjoy friendship, networking, good food, door prizes, and a chance to watch Derby contenders as they exercise.

Networking — Networking with peers where the emphasis is on the exchange of practical information. Share ideas and Best practices on promoting a diverse workforce, and create a positive image for your company.

BAC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I am very busy. How would participation in the program accommodate my schedule?
A: Business meetings are quarterly, for no more than two hours per meeting. Other participation is voluntary.

Q: What types of businesses participate?
A: Participating businesses range from small and large local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.

Q: How much does membership cost?
A: Membership and participation are free.

Q: How can I join the BAC?
A: Contact Keith Hosey in Louisville, (502) 589-6620,

Business Services

Job Postings & Access to Candidates for Job Openings

Our job postings service is a powerful tool for attracting persons with disabilities to your job opportunities. We offer an unlimited number of job postings.

Recruitment & outreach strategies include access to individualized referrals of pre-screened, qualified candidates for company job openings.

Information Access

The Center offers you direct access to our information experts. Gain answers on a wide range of disability issues, including information about available tax incentives and return-to-work procedures.

Links & Resource Library

Our website contains links with useful information about general disability and disability-related employment issues. Through our library service a comprehensive collection of video and print resources are available. These resources address a wide array of issues from accessibility, disability etiquette and more.

Sign Language Interpreters

Whatever your situation may be, we have an interpreter to fill the need.

The Center utilizes the services of one full-time, certified staff interpreter from our organization and several certified, professional freelance interpreters (self-employed).

All Interpreters are licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Our interpreters adhere to the RID/NAD Code of Ethics. Interpreters are available to travel throughout Kentucky. The Center can also arrange Deaf culture sensitivity training for interested groups.

Click here to schedule an interpreter or for more information.

ADA Compliance Consultation and Accessibility Surveys

Facility accessibility is vital to both integrating individuals with disabilities into the workplace and to serving customers with disabilities. The Center takes a realistic look at accessibility and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance with a comprehensive site visit by our expert survey team.

Also available is a survey of programs and services, company specific software, ASL interpreter plan, website and ADA title I employee policies.

Job Analysis

This service provides technical assistance with job descriptions and essential functions of the job.

Reasonable Accommodation Consultation

This service provides assistance in retaining newly identified employees with disabilities through support and follow-up services after placement.

Job accommodation information, job carving, job sharing consultation and technical assistance are also offered.

Support and follow-up services are offered to companies that hire an individual directly through the Center for free for that individual.

Customized Training and Support

The Center provides training, consultation and technical assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act and other issues related to employing and serving people with disabilities. The Center offers both pre-designed and customized training packages that build upon the knowledge and programs that are currently in your company.

Our expert staff will assist in identifying and selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective programs to answer your specific needs. Trainings can be tailored to company leadership, HR, management or general workforce audiences. Topics include:

  • Disability Etiquette
  • Becoming the Employer of Choice for People with Disabilities
  • The ADA (in general, specific part or title; your responsibilities as an employer; your responsibilities as a service or goods provider)
  • Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring people with disabilities
  • Making your Hiring Practices Accessible
  • Customer Service for People with Disabilities
  • The Reasonable Accommodations process
  • Now That I’ve Hired an Employee with a Disability…
  • Myths and Facts about people with disabilities (or the ADA)
  • Tax Incentives for Employers
  • Accessibility: It’s More Than Just Ramps
  • Virtual Accessibility in IT and the E-world
  • Presentations on specific Disabilities
  • And more…

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