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Action Alert

National Council of Independent Living

[Sign Your Support / Solidarity] Opposition to CDC Mask Guidelines

The Partnership for Disaster Strategies has put out a statement in opposition to the CDC’s recent guidance for fully vaccinated people.

In it, they express their confusion and outrage at the recommendation that fully vaccinated people “no longer need to wear masks, avoid crowds or large gatherings, isolate after exposure, or get tested unless they develop symptoms”, and note that the result will be to spread the disease amongst unvaccinated, which can lead to new variants and vaccine resistance. The statement also notes that the guidance disregards people at high-risk and many people with disabilities, putting us at even higher risk.

The Partnership is looking for organizations and individuals to sign on in support/solidarity before they share it widely and publicly. NCIL has signed on, and if can sign your name and/or organization on as well at

If you need this form in an alternative format, please contact Priya Penner at