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You can’t put a price on changing lives, but your donation can help make a difference.

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Even More Ways to Donate!

Matching gifts

Want to double the impact of your tax deductible donation?  You can double the number of individuals with disabilities that your donation helps with Corporate matching.  Many Companies, large and small, match the gifts of their employees and retirees.  We suggest you ask your company if they have a program of this type and how to access it.  The Center for Accessible Living can help you with this process.

Gift of Stock and other Appreciated Assets

The Internal Revenue Service allows a taxpayer to deduct the fair market value of non-cash assets given to the Center for Accessible Living.  This includes clothing donations to our Mens Suit Closet, durable medical equipment, computer equipment, or many other items.  This allows a taxpayer to legally avoid the payment of taxes on the difference between that which he paid for the asset and the current fair market value.

You can even give stock, get your tax deduction for the fair market value, and immediately buy the stock back; thereby avoiding the payment of capital gain taxes and still own the stock. Your accountant or financial advisor can more fully explain this process.

IRA & 401-K gifts to the Center

If you are 70 or older, the Internal Revenue Service requires you take the money out of your retirement accounts and pay tax there on, even if you do not want to.  Now the Internal Revenue Service will allow you to transfer stock and other assets from your retirement accounts to the Center for Accessible Living, the fair market value of which counts as the required distribution according to their rules, but you do not have to pay any income tax.  Your accountant or financial advisor can more fully explain this process.

Wills and Memorial Giving

You can provide for your family and leave a legacy gift to the Center for Accessible Living.  Estate planning is a wonderful way to leave a gift in memory of yourself or a loved one.  Whatever your reasons, they should be heartfelt and personal.  There are several ways for you to make charitable bequests through your will.  To find out how you can support your loved ones and give a memorial gift to the Center for Accessible Living, please call Michael Markiewicz at the Louisville office, (502) 589-6620.

Funeral homes usually ask families to name designated charities for publication in the obituary notices.  This is but another way to remember the Center for Accessible Living and leave a legacy for people with disabilities who rely on the Centers help to remain independent in the community with their families.

Other Opportunities to Give!

Donate Gently Used Items

Your tax deductible gift will help someone in need.  CAL Louisville and Murray both have equipment loan programs that run completely on donations.  The Center in Louisville also has a Suit Closet of Professional Clothing for Job seekers.


There are many opportunities to volunteer and help support the staff and consumers at CAL. Contact Beverly Alford in Louisville or Jeanne Gallimore in Murray.

Invite a Friend!

Do you think we provide good supports for the disability community?  Why not be an Ambassador for CAL?  We need YOU.  Talk about us, tell your friends, neighbors and co-workers who might know someone who needs our services.  Connect with us online, “Like” us on Facebook and tell your friends, or re-tweet us on Twitter.

For more information, or to donate through a different method please contact:

Michael Markiewicz