Cares Act of 2020

Cares Act of 2020
The Center for Accessible Living has received funding under the CARES Act of 2020 to assist people with disabilities who have been directly affected by COVID-19.

To be eligible for funding:

-Have a physical, mental or developmental disability.

-If you are not a consumer with our agency become one.

-Fill out a grant application with verification of the need you are requesting


Some Examples of funding received could be:

-rent and utilities assistance

-Food or transportation assistance

-Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, gloves, cleaning supplies or hand     sanitizer

-Assistive technology

-transitioning out of a nursing facility


Funding will be based off the need and documentation of that will be required. It must be a need that has directly affected you due to COVID-19. All payments will go to the entity (landlord, utility company) , no cash will be released to the consumer.


Please contact the center directly at 502-589-6620 and ask for:

Sara Johnson, CARES Act Project Coordinator for additional information

or email at

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