Rampbuilders Program

The program manages the ramp construction for people with mobility impairments in the Louisville Metro area only. CAL Murray has a partnership with the Salvation Army for ramp construction in Calloway County.

The Rampbuilders Program has been providing custom-designed home access ramps and railings to persons with disabilities since the incorporation of the Center for Accessible Living in 1981.

Whenever possible, ramps are provided at no cost to the recipient. Individuals with mobility impairments can safely enter and exit their homes, providing independence and opportunities for education, employment and recreation.

A ramp provides a very basic level of freedom so that persons with disabilities can make their own choices.

Our program has provided ramps to hundreds of individuals thanks to funding from sources that include or have included Louisville Metro Government, Louisville Metro Council, Calloway County Salvation Army, Medicaid and private donations.


The Center for Accessible Living’s satellite office in Murray has Ramps funds available for low-income individuals in Calloway County. Funds are provided by the Calloway County Salvation Army through their annual kettle drive. Individuals, including volunteers from VFW Post 6291, generously give their time to build these ramps according to ADA requirements. For more information about the program and to be placed on the waiting list please contact Carrissa Johnson 270-753-7676.


Who is Eligible?

Anyone living in the Louisville Metro area that has a permanent mobility impairment is eligible. Eligibility may vary due to rules set by funding sources. For more information about the program and to be placed on the waiting list please contact the Ramp Program Manager 502-589-6620.

How Can I Apply?

Call the Center for Accessible Living and ask to speak to the Information and Referral Manager, who will collect some basic information. You will then be called to complete a telephone application and be mailed a more thorough follow up application.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Ramp?

Time to determine eligibility and to receive authorization varies, depending upon how quickly all paperwork is received from you. Variables such as whether you live in a restricted area such as a flood plain or historical district sometimes requires extra paperwork and government review.

The number of persons already waiting for a ramp and the amount of funding available also greatly impacts the time it may take to get a ramp. Depending upon available funds, we may be able to furnish a ramp in as little as three months, or it may take up to two years. For that reason, it is best to get your paperwork in to reserve your spot on the list.

Who Builds or Installs the Ramps?

A reputable and experienced contractor or supplier builds or installs the ramps to code.

Who is Responsible for Care?

All maintenance is the responsibility of the ramp owner.

How Can I Help?

The Rampbuilders Program is always in need of funding. The average cost of a ramp is about $3,500.00. Every little bit helps, and donations are tax deductible. Please make your check out to the Center for Accessible Living with “Rampbuilders Program” on the memo line.

We greatly appreciate your support of independent living for everyone!

For more information or to make a donation, contact:
Rampbuilders Program
Center for Accessible Living
501 S 2nd Street, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40202

A Partnership for Success

100th Ramp
Ford, UAW Local 862, and Louisville Metro Council Members work in conjunction with CAL in a ramp-building collaboration. Volunteers continue to build and plan as long as funding is available. The project started when some of the carpenters from the Ford Assembly Plant built a ramp for a co-worker who needed one. Ford and UAW Local 862 donated $50,000 to cover the cost of materials for about 25 ramps in the first year. Over the last two years, members of Louisville Metro Council have contributed over $120,000 in additional funding. The partnership has built over 100 ramps.

Ramp Building Manual

Ramp Manual is a guideline that is safe and easy way to build ramps for single family homes. The basic ramp manual was based on building codes in Minnesota. We understand that there are building code guideline variables in other states. The manual is for sale for $15. You can find it on the web site www.wheelchairramp.org for people to review and copy for personal use.

Custom-Designed Home Access

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