Housing Assistance & Nursing Home Transition

The Housing Coordinator maintains a computerized list to assist individuals with disabilities to locate accessible and affordable rental units.

For nursing home residents who wish to relocate into a home of their choice within the community. Along with local partners, program staff identifies and assists people to make an informed decision to move out of nursing facilities into the community setting of their choice.

Our experienced staff can help you with:

  • Your housing rights
  • Applying for Section 8
  • Applying for Subsidized housing
  • Locating an accessible apartment
  • Locating affordable housing
  • Landlord/Tenant communication
  • Transitioning to independence in a community setting

What is the difference between Subsidized and section 8 housing??

SUBSIDIZED HOUSING is where the housing complex owns the government subsidy. You apply at each location. Link to Subsidized housing list.

SECTION 8 is where the person owns the government subsidize. You can travel with this. The private landlord must accept section 8.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING LIST– There is NO government help with rent involved. Call the Center for a list to be mailed out.

Helping Individuals with Disabilities Transition to Independence

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