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Accessible Murray is a public campaign that aims to make Murray a more disability friendly community. Accessible Murray is governed by a panel that includes representatives from the Center for Accessible Living, and other agencies, places of business, city and county officials, and places of worship.

Accessible Murray has the goals of:

  1. Recognizing places of public accommodation that
    1. Comply with the ADA
    2. Exceed the requirements of the ADA to make Murray a more disability friendly community
  2. Promoting education and awareness regarding the disability community in Murray

To accomplish the first goal, Accessible Murray has a two tiered recognition system for places of public accommodation that meet the two previously mentioned goals of: A. ADA compliance and B. exceeding the requirements of the ADA.

Businesses have the opportunity to request to be surveyed for ADA compliance. Those businesses that comply will receive a sticker or sign saying “We welcome people with disabilities.

In order to be recognized as exceeding the basic requirements of the ADA in promoting accessibility, businesses may be nominated or self-nominate themselves for further review. The panel would meet quarterly, to discuss whether or not this business should receive the higher level of distinction.

Examples of excellence would include actively seeking out and hiring people with disabilities, serving on the panel of Accessible Murray, exceeding basic ADA requirements (such as installing a button for an automatic door or making bathroom doors easier to open, close, and lock from chair height), conducting their own events for outreach or educational purposes, or providing ADA training for their employees. The stickers that correlate with this tier say “We are disability friendly partners with Accessible Murray.” This organization would also receive the first sticker.

With the second goal of Accessible Murray, the panel will organize public events once or twice a year (or more often, if desired.) These events will be educational and may include tips for businesses (tax deductions or tax credits), requirements for new businesses, ADA compliance plans, etc. The Center for Accessible Living will provide the technical assistance regarding these issues, but the panel will organize and advertise the event.

Training Link

Training Assessment Form

Gold Level Partner Self-nomination Form

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